Meg Meets Cockamouse

This has been a week. 

With everything so new in my life, crazy things were bound to happen. March 1st, just a few days ago, I was about to go sign my lease for my lovely new apartment... SURPRISE! As I searched for directions, I stumbled across a plethora of reviews about not only the business but also the building I would have moved into.

Horror of horrors, the company has an F with the Better Business Bureau and a laundry list of tenant complaints. Even worse (if possible), the building I would've moved into was consistently dealing with a cockroach infestation that no amount of exterminating could address. 

My daydreams of bay windows, park views (even though it was the size of a postage stamp), and hardwood floors vanished. The place may have been pretty on the outside, but my mind was already roiling with what lay beneath--a squirming nest of mice and cockroaches a la How I Met Your Mother's cockamouse.

Enter a long day and night spent with my best friend Google. I took full advantage of that search engine, pursuing nearly every link in the hopes to find something in a location I liked with a price I could deal with. Having a dog really limits your choices...

I found a few options, and after spending the following day trekking through both of the marvelous Twin Cities, I was at a crossroads.

An older building or a newer one? Downtown or Uptown? Amenities or bare bones?

All very personal choices.

As of this writing, I've done it. I managed to surprise even myself. My friends talked me down from blind panic about not having a place to live (thanks, you guys are great). One day I was about to sign a lease for a roach-infested building, the next I was settled into an agreement for a lovely (albeit tiny) studio on a lovely lake in Minneapolis.

Of course, the next hurdle is fitting all of my stuff into a 400 square foot studio apartment... thank goodness I'm embracing the capsule wardrobe life... but that's a story for another time.

So it's been a week. Time for some coffee and, eventually, some wine.

What's the worst place you've ever lived (or almost lived)?