This Old House

Moving is something that, at 22, is still a relatively new thing. As a kid, I was lucky enough to spend my youth in the same house on a reasonably-sized hobby farm.  But as the tendrils of adulthood start to reach their way into my life, I've had to become more familiar with the concept of uprooting my life in favor of something better. 

Now, it's happening again.

I haven't lived in this small studio for long, mere months, really (a result of taking over the prior tenant's lease). The location is lovely, just blocks from the Twin Cities' Lake Calhoun, and it was a sanctuary for me--until it wasn't. Now, as my time there comes to end, I feel as though the walls of my 350 square foot apartment are closing in. It wasn't made for a girl and her two dogs.

So I'm packing my bags and moving. 

The house I'm moving to is in Southern Minneapolis, a charming gem of a place that is like night and day to my studio. There's space, hardwood flooring, and most importantly, a yard. I feel so domestic now that my biggest dream is to sit at the kitchen table and accomplish some work while the dogs play in the yard. Granted, that means I'm going to have to become a Morning Person and that's a bigger commitment than a one-year lease. 

Moving = freedom, and I am so ready. 

My new house! It's a new for me, but old in years--still cute though!

My new house! It's a new for me, but old in years--still cute though!

These past few months I've learned so much about myself. I found a job that embodies my passion for politics, and it has reminded me that I can have a job and be happy. I'm now living in a city where my weekends are host to events and activities, and I've reunited with friends who I know will be around for a lifetime. 

When I compare today to a year ago, I'm mystified. When living in small-town Minnesota, I was so dreadfully unhappy. My anxiety was at an all time high, I was miserable in all aspects, and I had no one to rely on but myself (and my dog, but that goes without saying I think).

Nowadays, I've got three friends who are literally only minutes away. While we're all somewhat busy grownups, all of us are willing to help the other whether it's with moving (thanks guys!) or just a chill day at the pool to talk about how crappy boys can be. 

What it means is that there's hope. That every situation, regardless of how crummy it is, can get better. You just have to be willing to put in the work to make it what you want.

So cheers, let's all raise a wine glass to moving on to better stuff--a new place to live, a new hobby, or a new thing to make you happy. You're worth it.

Stay tuned for updates from my new old house, with DIYs galore!